Our doctors are experienced in performing a broad range of pet surgeries.

Rest Assured Your Pet is in Good Hands!

At some point during your pet’s lifetime, there’s a very good chance that the need for surgery will arise – whether it’s something elective, like a spay or neuter, or a more complex, medically necessary procedure. When that time comes, we want you to feel confident that you’ve got a qualified team of skilled professionals in your corner.

At Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center, we treat every surgical procedure with great care and attention, from start to finish. Our doctors are experienced in performing a broad range of pet surgeries, and our caring support staff is prepared to go above and beyond to make the experience as positive and stress-free as possible for both you and your pet. Rest assured that when your animal friend needs surgery, you can count on us!

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Before Surgery

Prior to your pet’s scheduled procedure, we will take some important measures to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to undergo surgery. This pre-surgical screening also helps us to identify potential risks that may be unique to your pet so that we can prepare for them ahead of time. The more we plan ahead, the more likely your companion’s procedure will go off without a hitch, which is always our goal.

We will also work on developing a customized pain management plan for your pet. We want to ensure that your loved one stays as comfortable as possible – before, during and following surgery – but we also want to minimize the risks associated with using anesthesia. That’s why we use only the safest, most effective pain control products and tailor our approach to meet your pet’s specific needs.

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During Surgery

Our brand new, sterile, and well-equipped facility features a spacious surgery room with state of the art monitoring equipment to keep your pet safe and healthy. During your pet’s procedure, the doctor will work diligently and with great precision while one of our experienced technicians will remain on hand to monitor your loved one’s wellbeing at all times. We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that your companion is in capable hands with us!

Some of the surgeries we routinely perform at Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center include:

  • Spays
  • Neuters
  • Dewclaw removal
  • Mass removal
  • Abdominal exploratories
  • C-Sections
veterinarian explaining to client the post-operation care for her pet

After Surgery

When your pet’s surgery is complete, he or she will be carefully relocated to our quiet, peaceful recovery area. There, our team will continue monitoring them as the anesthesia begins to wear off. Someone from our office will contact you to explain how the procedure went and make arrangements for your pet’s homecoming. Before leaving with your companion, we will go over our aftercare instructions, which may include an appropriate plan for managing your pet’s pain during the recovery process.

You also have the option of leaving your pet in the care of our experienced Pet Resort staff at any time during the surgery process. The team at Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center is available to care for your pet during the preoperative, operative, postoperative and rehabilitation stages. Your pet can recuperate under the watchful eye of our professional medical staff until he or she is ready to return home.

Learning that a family member needs surgery can be a nerve-wracking time. Let the team at Raintree put your mind at ease once and for all. Give us a call today to discuss your loved one’s surgical care needs and learn how we can help make the entire experience as positive as possible for you both.

Pet Surgery in Scottsdale

Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center offers surgeries for pets in Old Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas.

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