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Our focus in everything we do is on the comfort of our guests and their animal companions.

A Scottsdale animal hospital your pet will love

Is bringing your pet in for a checkup a chore? Tired of dragging your furry family member to the car and into the pet clinic, or being treated like just another number? At Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center, we’ve worked tirelessly to make trips to the vet a positive experience for everyone. Here, you can expect to be greeted by name and welcomed warmly as part of the family. Personalized service and individual attention are the hallmark of our care, and it’s a difference you’ll notice the moment you walk through our doors.

We are proud to be certified by the AAHA and designated as a Cat Friendly Practice. Our services include comprehensive medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical care, as well as world-class boarding in our state-of-the-art pet resort.

Dr Natalie Gutierrez

Our Scottsdale Pet Hospital Team Philosophy

To uphold the highest standards in veterinary medicine and customer service to our clients and patients and to treat their pets as if they were our own valued family members. In this way, we will ensure that they receive the very best quality of care and service. It is our ultimate goal to partner with our clients in providing high-quality education to strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

Dr Natalie Gutierrez
raintree pet resort and medical center team

Our Philosophy

Resort and Medical Center in Scottsdale

Since 1987, we have been serving the people and pets of Scottsdale and Phoenix, providing for the health and wellbeing of all species of animals. Our clients know that their pets love coming here and we’re confident yours will as well!

If you live in Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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Here are some helpful links that Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center offers you.

Are you planning to travel internationally with your pet? Here's where you should look for up-to-date information.

Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team has been helping to keep dogs out of shelters and in happy homes since 1987. Lorenzo’s certified team of trainers possess an unwavering commitment to quality animal care and professional conduct. They provide their clients with serious training that delivers serious results, utilizing the accepted principles of balance and positive influence. Lorenzo’s is helping people develop better relationships with their canine companions and live together in harmony. Visit the site to learn more.

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) seeks to enhance the abilities of veterinarians to provide quality medical care to companion animals, to enable veterinarians to successfully conduct their practices and maintain their facilities with high standards of excellence, and to meet the public's needs as they relate to the delivery of small animal veterinary medicine. The AAHA website contains information about membership, accreditation, a store and a comprehensive library of resources. We are a proud AAHA Accredited Practice.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) aims to improve the health and welfare of cats by supporting high standards of practice, continuing education, and scientific investigation. The AAFP website features a variety of helpful resources, including a comprehensive list of cat health topics to assist pet owners. We are proud to be AAFP approved.

International Boarding & Pet Services (IBPSA) is a trade association serving the pet care service industry. Members include traditional and non-traditional providers such as: boarding facilities, veterinarians, groomers, trainers, pet sitters, doggie daycares, pet massage, and holistic care just to name a few. Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center is proud to a member of this respected organization. Homer Savard is an IBPSA advisory board member. Visit the link to learn more.

VetSource ensures both veterinarians and pet owners benefit from our extensive pharmaceutical services and the Home Delivery of leading pet care products. VetSource offers reliable home delivery of hundreds of safe, authentic products recommended and approved by veterinarians delivered conveniently to your door. Visit the VetSource website for more information and to find out how you can join.

Hills Pet Health is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition and healthcare. Find helpful resource on cat care and dog care as well as extensive information on each item in the product line offered by Hills.

ePet Health is an online resource for both veterinary professionals and pet owners. Sign up for free to gain access information on ways to help keep your animal family members happy, healthy and fit. There’s also a resource for lost and found pets. Visit the link to learn more.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is a nonprofit association representing more than 82,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. The AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.

PetLink is an online pet registry and pet recovery service. Microchipping is the only unique, unalterable, tamper-proof, permanent form of identification that owners can provide for pets. Once microchipped, owners are encouraged to register their pets so that their contact information is on record in the event that their pet is ever lost or stolen. A microchip, together with PetLink - give your pet a silent voice and give owners peace of mind that your beloved pet will always find its way home.

Have you ever wondered if health insurance for your pet made sense? Then you should get to know your options! Nationwide has plans that cover wellness care, comprehensive coverage, or major medical expenses. Their Whole Pet with Wellness plan℠ has the most extensive coverage available anywhere, providing up to 90% back on vet bills*, and lets you keep seeing your own trusted vet.