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We love dogs and want your dog to love coming to Raintree Pet. No one knows your dog better than you, so we’d appreciate you taking the time to fill out this application. The more we know about the dogs in our care, the better their experience will be.

Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Emergency contact:
Dogs Name:
When was your dog spayed/neutered (age):
Did you own your dog as a puppy?
How long have you owned your dog?
Where did you get your dog?
If adopted, do you know any history?
Do you have other pets?
Has your dog socialized with other pets before?
Does your dog go for walks?
How often?
How long?
What kind of toys does your dog like?
Has your dog every snapped or growled over food or toys?
Is your dog allowed to have treats at “recess”?
Any food allergies?
Does your dog have any favorite “scratch” spots?
Does your dog have any sensitive areas or physical concerns?
Which of the following best describes your dog’s level of socialization with other dogs:

How does your dog respond to strangers on walks and at home?
Has your dog ever bitten or been aggressive towards another dog or person?

Is your dog frightened by any noises, people, actions?
Has your dog every climbed or jumped a fence?
Does your dog have special commands you would like us to use?

Check the box below that best represents your dog’s overall level of exercise:

Is there anything special/unique about your pet that you would like us to know about?

Thank you for completing our application for so we can get to know you and your pet. We look forward to welcoming your pet to the Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center family. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center will perform a temperament test on all dogs prior to introduction into a playgroup. The cost for this is $15.00. The temperament test allows the opportunity for a dog to slowly be introduced to a playgroup while under the close supervision of a playground attendant. We will review the pet profile provided by the pet owner/agent and use that information in conjunction with the temperament test to determine your dog’s suitability for a playgroup. We will make every effort to place dogs in appropriate groups based on temperament, energy level, and age. Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center reserved the right to refuse group playtime to your dog if any aggressive behavior is exhibited towards another dog or human. We understand that, like people, dogs may have a bad day or not get along with certain dogs. If this is the case, we may remove your dog from group for a “break” or offer individual playtimes.

All vaccinations must be current. Proof of current Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, and current flea and tick medication must be provided prior to admittance into playgroup. I am also aware that while very effective, vaccines (in particular, but not limited to the Bordetella vaccine) do not protect against all strains of viruses. For this reason, I will not hold Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center responsible for any occurrences of socially transmitted or airborne illnesses. In addition, I understand that all dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.

Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center will practice diligence to ensure the safety, well-being, and happiness of every dog in a playgroup. However, there will be certain risks associated with allowing the freedom of dogs interacting with other dogs. Even with constant supervision, nips, scratches, muscle soreness, disease, and dog fights may occur. Each pet owner needs to understand the risks involved, and that it will be the responsibility of the pet owner to take care of any veterinary fees.

I understand that all images taken at Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center are the property of Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center and may be used for promotional purposes.

By signing below. I understand and agree to the terms stated above. I understand the risks associated and I authorize Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center to seek medical attention for my dogs if necessary, and agree to pay for any and all fees incurred. In addition, by signing below, I release Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center and its employees from any and all liability for any injury or damage that may arise from, but not limited to, actions from another dog during group play.

Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center prides itself on providing a safe, happy, and comfortable place for our canine and feline friends and their owners. We enjoy and strive to keep open and honest communication with all of our customers and will let you know how your dog is doing. In addition, we are always open to suggestions on how we may make your dog visit with us even better. Please do not ever hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding your pet’s stay with us.

This agreement and its terms bond a relationship between Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center and yourself. Each time your dog enters Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center, you affirm the terms of this agreement and agree to indemnify and hold Raintree Pet Resort + Medical Center and its employees harmless from all liability and claims.

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