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How to Pamper a Gerbil


Are you considering getting a pet gerbil? These little furballs are super cute, and make wonderful pets. Because they are so tiny and easy to care for, they are often chosen as a child’s first pet. In this article, your local Scottsdale vet offers advice on how to pamper your gerbil! Comfy Cage First and … Read More »

How to Set Up a Hamster Cage


If you’ve recently decided to get a hamster, you’ve made a great choice for a cute little addition to your home. Setting up your hamster’s cage correctly will play a large role in your pet’s health and happiness. While taking care of a hamster is fairly simple, you want to be sure to put little … Read More »

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Rabbit


Healthy rabbits should be given a diet comprised mainly of hay, and supplemented with fresh vegetables and the occasional fruit. Some foods, though, should be avoided entirely. Learn more here from a vet Phoenix. Lettuce While there is some disagreement on whether or not lettuce is okay to feed rabbits, it’s not worth the risk. … Read More »