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Teaching Your Bunny Proper Chewing Habits


If you have a bunny, we probably don’t need to tell you that you have a super cute pet. Bunnies are absolutely adorable! Your furry friend does have some specific care needs, however. One thing that is very important is providing Floppy with plenty of things to chew on. But what do you do if … Read More »

Safety Tips for Hamster Runabouts


Do you have a pet hamster? If so, you have a very cute little furball! Life in a cage can get a bit dull, so hamsters need lots of toys to keep them amused. One item that has become quite popular is the runabout, or hamster ball, as it is sometimes called. These can be … Read More »

What to Feed a Guinea Pig


Has a Guinea pig recently joined your household? If so, you’ve got a very cute little furbaby! Guinea pigs, or cavies, are one of the most popular kinds of pocket pets, and with good reason. These tiny furballs are super cute, lots of fun, and fairly easy to care for. Just like any other animal, … Read More »

5 Key Points of Great Bunny Care


Are you considering adopting a bunny? Rabbits are super cute, and can make great pets, but they have some very specific care requirements. If you’ve never had a bunny before, you’ll want to do a bit of research before bringing your new furbaby home. Read on for some key points of great bunny care, as … Read More »

Household Hazards for Pocket Pets


Do you have a tiny furball for a pet? Rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and other small animals are all very charming and can make wonderful pets. These little guys are very fragile, however, and many common household items can be very dangerous for them. In this article, a Scottsdale, AZ vet discusses household hazards for pocket … Read More »