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Training Your Dog To Behave Off-Leash


Does your dog stay with you if you drop his leash? Or does he immediately run off? Leashes are very important, both for logistic and safety reasons. Although we always recommend keeping your pup leashed when you take him off your property, it isn’t a bad idea to do some off-leash training. A Scottsdale, AZ … Read More »

Entertaining Your Cat


Did you know that cats can get bored? Or, to phrase that more accurately, did you know that cats can get bored unintentionally? It may seem like our feline pals love doing as little as possible, but in truth, kitties can get anxious and unhappy with nothing to do. Read on as a local Scottsdale, … Read More »

Things Your Cat is Thankful For


With Thanksgiving approaching fast, many of us are taking time to be grateful for the truly important things in life: our families, our friends, our communities . . . and, of course, cats. But what is Fluffy thankful for? A North Phoenix, AZ vet makes a few educated guesses below. Beds It’s probably no surprise … Read More »

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Cat World Domination Day


Did you know that kitties are plotting to take over the world? June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! This may seem farfetched, but it may actually be possible. After all, Fluffy did convince the ancient Egyptians that she was a deity. The fact that cats have also more or less taken over the internet … Read More »

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Fluffy’s Golden Rules


Cats may be small, but they have some big purrsonalities! Our feline friends keep us laughing with their adorable habits. Our feline friends certainly do seem to live by their own rules. In fact, Fluffy may very well be following a secret kitty code of honor! Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists … Read More »