Here at Raintree Pet Resort and Medical Center, your local North Phoenix, AZ vet clinic, we have some news that has the pupurazzi jumping for joy. As of spring 2019, our team has grown! We are absolutely delighted to welcome our newest veterinarian, Dr. Stacy Duffy, to our clinic.

A Lifelong Love

Like many of us in the veterinary world, Dr. Duffy felt a deep connection with our animal companions at a young age, and experienced early on the power of the bond that can form between people and pets. In fact, she was only 10 when she first decided to dedicate her life to helping animals by becoming a veterinarian. A Scottsdale native, Dr. Duffy started working at a local pet clinic at 18. She then attended Arizona State University, where she earned a biology degree. After working in a few different fields, she decided that the best way for her to reach her full ‘pettential’ was to follow her heart and become a veterinarian. This allowed her to combine her love of animals with her avid interest in science. She earned a second Bachelor’s degree in veterinary science from the University of Arizona, and then went on to earn a Master’s in molecular biology from Arizona State University. She relocated to North Carolina, and, after working as a laboratory manager at Duke University, earned her doctorate from North Carolina State University’s veterinary program.


Keeping pets healthy is very rewarding work. Dr. Duffy is particularly drawn to pain management work, and loves providing health and wellness care to our furred, feathered, and scaled patients. She also has a special way of reading our enigmatic feline friends, and understanding them. This is an extraordinary gift, and one that has helped keep many cats happy, healthy, and purring.


It’s rare—if not impossible—to find a veterinarian without pets of their own, and Dr. Duffy is no exception. She has five kitties, who are named Emmett, Sheamus, Finnegan, Fionna, and Sadie. She also has two pups. Chloe, an adorable Pomeranian, is the apple of Dr. Duffy’s eye, while Ayce is a super-friendly Peek-A-Poo with a gift for making everyone smile. Dr. Duffy has also adopted four retired lab mice, whom she named after professors that inspired her.

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